Creating a Better Working Environment


TFO creates a secure work environment through the implementation of a wide range of insurance programs. These include social insurance, group welfare and life insurance.

  • ◇Company Savings Plan

  • TFO savings programs help employees to save conveniently through payroll and bonus withholdings.

  • ◆Recognition of Continuous Service

  • TFO awards both permanent and part-time employees who have been with TFO for 10 years to show their appreciation and to encourage them to continue as part of the TFO family.

  • ◇Cafeteria

  • TFO offers a wide variety of freshly cooked lunch selections using healthy seasonal ingredients. We also feature popular foods from popular restaurants to create the atmosphere of having lunch on the town.

  • ◆Bathroom

  • Employees can take a bath to relax after a day at work.

  • ◇Uniform Dry-Cleaning

  • TFO offers cost-free company uniform dry-cleaning that employees can take advantage of without limit.


All employees have their choice of a wide range of workstyles that allow them to continue working even when they need to take leave for childbirth and rearing, and long-term nursing care.

  • ◇Maternity Leave

  • TFO provides maternity leave from 6 weeks prior to the expected due date (14 weeks for multiple pregnancy) & 8 weeks after childbirth.

  • ◆Childcare Leave

  • TFO employees can take childcare leave until the child’s first birthday. Childcare leave can be extended to the child’s 2nd birthday if adequate daycare cannot be found.

  • ◇Short-time Work Hours for Childcare

  • TFO employees can reduce their work hours to 6 hours per day until the child’s 3rd birthday.

  • ◆Time for Childcare

  • TFO employees can take 30-minute childcare breaks twice per day until the child’s 1st birthday.

  • ◇Special Leave for Spouse to Give Birth

  • 2 working days, including the expected due date or the day of childbirth

  • ◆Short-term Family Care Leave

  • TFO employees can take up to 5 days off per year when a family member requires long-term nursing care.
    TFO employees can take up to 10 days off per year when more than one family member requires long-term nursing care.

  • ◇Short-time Work for Family Care

  • TFO employees can reduce work hours to 6 hours up to 3 years twice.

  • ◆Long-term Family Care Leave

  • TFO employees can take a total of 93 days off 3 times per family member requiring long-term nursing care.


TFO has a wide variety of vacation programs to encourage all employees to seek a positive work-life balance.

  • ◇Annual Paid Holidays

  • TFO provides annual paid holidays to all employees who have worked for 6 months or longer. (Number of holidays vary according to length of service.) It is also possible to take half-days off.

  • ◆Regular Holidays

  • 5-day workweek system/ 120 annual holidays/ Year-end and New Year holidays/ Golden week/ Bon holidays

  • ◇Congratulatory Holidays

  • TFO employees are provided 5 days off for their wedding, 2 days off for the wife’s childbirth, and 2 days off for a child’s wedding.

  • ◆Condolence Holidays

  • TFO employees are provided 1 to 7 days off for mourning.

  • ◇Other

  • Maternity Leave/ Childcare Leave/ Long-term Family Care Leave, etc.


TFO provides a wide range of programs for employee skill development according to stage. These include programs for training, acquiring qualifications, and developing skills.

  • ◇Training for New Graduates

  • TFO provides new graduates with chances to learn essential business attitudes, basic business etiquette, and the company code of conduct. Senior employees give guidance on the details of work in individual departments and divisions. For specialists, we provide programs for skill improvement.

  • ◆Acquiring Qualifications

  • TFO helps the employees to acquire qualifications. Qualifications validate individual capabilities, raise awareness of work, and develop the technological capabilities of the company. TFO subsidizes the cost of learning and examinations for employees desiring to acquire qualifications useful for their work.

  • Qualificationsㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
    • The 3rd Class Chief Electrical Engineer
    • Skill Training Course for Forklift Operation
    • Pollution Control Manager (Weather/ Water Quality/ Noise/ Dust)
    • Floor-operated Crane
    • Hazardous Materials Engineer
    • Gas Welding
    • Press Machine Chief Operator
    • Slinging Skill Training
  • ◇Participation in Seminars and Lectures

  • TFO has established a system that encourages employees to attend a wide variety of seminars related to individual work. Employees are also free to request specific programs.

  • ◆Work Improvement Activities

  • TFO implements work improvement activities to raise the awareness in each division, department, and individual employee about activity, methods and evaluation, and the application of results to future work. The results of these activities are shared among the president, top management, and all rank-and-file employees through presentations and reports to identify problems and promote improvement throughout the company.

集合写真 集会

  • ◇In-house Clubs and Group Activities

  • TFO provides a wide range of occasions for employees to interact with one another. Clubs and group activities are examples of this. We provide subsidies to support activities.

  • Bowling
  • ◆Social Gatherings

  • TFO provides many opportunities for employees to interact beyond department and division boundaries with a number of events scheduled for each season.


TFO ensures health and safety in the workplace through a wide range of programs including health management by an industrial physician.

  • ◇Counseling

  • An industrial physician visits TFO once each month to provide health advice to individual employees.

  • ◆Health Examination

  • All employees are required to undergo a health check once per year to promote health.

  • ◇Healthy food (Cafeteria)

  • TFO promotes healthy lifestyles by raising employee awareness about the importance of a balanced daily diet through events and the provision of nutritious menu items.


  • ◇Social & Labor Insurance Programs

  • Health Insurance
  • Employee Pensioin Insurance
  • Employment & Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

  • ◆Group Welfare and Life Insurance

  • To prepare contingencies for employees, TFO has enrolled in Group Welfare and Life Insurance. TFO covers the cost of insurance as a benefit to employees.


  • ◇Congratulatory Money for Weddings & Childbirth

  • TFO provides congratulatory money for the employee weddings and childbirth.

  • ◆Congratulatory Money for Housewarmings

  • TFO provides congratulatory money when employees build or purchase a new home.

  • ◇Condolence Money

  • TFO pays condolence money when an employee or employee family member passes away.

  • ◇Compensation for Sickness & Injuries

  • TFO provides compensation for illness and injuries when employees are hospitalized for 10 or more days.


  • ◇Waste Paper Recycling

  • TFO recycles wastepaper into refuse paper and plastic fuel (RPF). We continue to promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling (3R).

  • ◆LED Lighting at Plants

  • TFO installs LED lighting at plants to reduce CO2 emissions.


TFO ensures labor safety and complies thoroughly with health and safety laws and regulations based on the firm belief the labor safety is the foundation of production.

  • ◆Holding Safety and Health Committee Meetings

  • TFO ensures labor safety and complies thoroughly with all health and safety laws and regulations based on the firm belief the labor safety is the foundation of production.

  • ◇Plant Safety Patrols

  • TFO Safety and Health Committee members conduct safety patrols at plants every two months. We place a top priority on labor safety assurance for employees.

  • ◆Prayers for Safety

  • TFO prays for a thriving business and plant safety at Toyokawa Inari Shrine on November 8 (Bellow Festival) and on the first day of the Horse (zodiac) in February (Hatsu Uma).



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